Divorce/ Dissolution/ Custody

The law of domestic relations – also known as family law – covers a wide variety of relationships and issues. Its scope includes the following topics (and more):

Family Law / Domestic Relations

If you have family law problems in Delaware County, you need local help.

A domestic relations case is the most personal of legal matters. It is likely to bring out your deepest emotions and most extreme feelings. Over the years, the legal issues related to the termination of marriages have grown increasingly complex. You will be sharing with your attorney (and the office staff) detailed information about your family (including your children) and your financial affairs. You undoubtedly will have many questions about legal procedures and practical problems related to your specific family-law situation. Good communication is an essential part of all attorney-client relationships, but even more so when dealing with a dissolution, divorce, child-related, or post-decree proceeding. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you choose an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who you trust. With the attorney you hire, you should be able to: talk comfortably; share information; have a common view about how to present your case; and, find a supportive relationship.
We spend a lot of time getting cases ready for court and representing clients in trials and other hearings. Although we can provide legal and litigation services in any of the counties throughout Ohio, we primarily limit our practice to Delaware County. We know what happens locally and how legal business is transacted here. We understand that most clients would prefer to stay out of Court, if possible. We never have considered litigation the first (or necessarily the best) option. Because of our extensive work in courtrooms, however, we can use our experience to measure settlement and other negotiations. More recently, we have assisted a great number of clients through mediation, an alternative and increasingly popular alternative method for resolving disputes.

If you need legal help in Delaware County, you need us.

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