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Our Client's Reviews

"Doug Warnock is a great lawyer. He fully listened to the things that were going on in my life and was very understanding. He was the bulldog that I didn’t realize I needed in a difficult Delaware County divorce case. He helped me start my new life, as a single mom, on my feet instead of struggling. Doug and his staff were amazing. They spent many hours thoroughly going through every detail so that they would be prepared – and, they were. I felt the mediated outcome was fair for both my former husband and me."
"I was referred to Doug, as I needed legal counsel to end my marriage, and I am truly grateful I was. His guidance throughout my divorce was extraordinary. He guided me through each step of the process in a way I was able to understand. He was a determined advocate during our trial. I was impressed with his knowledge of the law and understanding the motives of others. But, the factor that helped me through the process the most was how he and his staff cared for my family and me."
"My divorce case was very lengthy and challenging. The divorce case and post-decree proceedings involved two trials. I appreciate the dedication and knowledge of Doug Warnock and his team. They were with me every step of the way. With their help and experience, I was able to get the outcome that I wanted and deserved."
"Doug Warnock has been my Attorney for a number of years. He is extremely detailed and goes above and beyond. He is definitely invaluable. I could write a book on Doug's outstanding details and strengths to get the job done for ALL of his clients. He provides top service, extreme detail, and takes all the time needed for all of those he represents. He makes you feel like family. I highly recommend his service for the quality is outstanding!"
Jane B.
"There is nothing I'm more passionate about than my kids. Going to court over a custody dispute – including a trial – was a very stressful and upsetting experience for many reasons. Doug and team were very supportive and caring throughout, educating me along the way, thoughtfully preparing for each next step. Besides the knowledge and expertise brought to the case, what I most appreciated about Doug was his ability to help me remove emotion and put things into perspective. Counsel was always grounded in what was first best for my kids, and then what was best for me. So, despite how tough it all was, I always knew I had an advocate in my corner."
"A lawyer’s lawyer – The morning after my wife told me she wanted to end our marriage, I talked to a neighbor, an attorney, and asked him for a recommendation for a divorce lawyer. He instantly replied that I should call Doug Warnock. He complimented Doug’s work profusely and then said, Doug will take good care of you and your kids.” Calling Doug was the best decision I made in my life. I’m beyond impressed with the results Doug and his amazing support staff were able to achieve on my behalf. Doug’s unrelenting devotion to all aspects of my case astounded me. I know his thorough preparation, which clearly exceeded those of the opposing high-profile firm in Columbus, contributed greatly to his successful results. The knowledge, experience, and professionalism that Doug, and his support staff, brought to my case were priceless. Hiring Doug was absolutely the best decision I made in my life."
"Doug Warnock was recommended to me by a friend 22 years ago. As a Senior Citizen with little knowledge of all things legal, I have been impressed with Doug’s patience and kindness. Those qualities, along with his expertise in all areas of law, have made me a client-for-life! His staff has been invaluable in many ways as well!"
Jane M.
"Divorce can be an overwhelming and emotional process. After my initial meeting with Doug Warnock, I felt a sense of relief and was confident that, if he represented me, I would be in good hands. I reached out to Doug in the midst of my divorce proceedings and will be forever grateful he was willing to step in and take on my challenging case. Doug and his team have handled everything with integrity, professionalism, and compassion. I respect how knowledgeable he is about the law. My case required a lengthy, complex trial. His communication skills, thorough preparation, and organization throughout resulted in a successful outcome. I have so much respect for Doug and his team. Doug is well established in Delaware County and a top-rated lawyer. I highly recommend him for anyone needing legal representation."
"Doug was recommended to me by another attorney for his expertise in divorce cases. During the time he helped me, I found him to be personable and very professional. His office staff was also excellent. They were always helpful and friendly."
"Doug Warnock helped me navigate the most difficult time in my life. Beyond his thoughtful and accomplished legal advice, he offered an empathetic ear as I wrestled through the many aspects of divorce. Doug and his Team were always quick to respond to my questions or requests which only underscored my confidence in his attention to my case. There isn’t much good to say about divorce, but I believe Doug negotiated and guided me to a fair conclusion."
"Doug, Donna, and the rest of the staff have been of great and indescribable assistance to me (and, through a couple generations, my family members) for many years! His character, diligence, and expertise are truly impeccable and unsurpassed. I highly, and without hesitation, recommend his office regarding any/all legal issues and/or matters!"
"My family has used Doug since early 2000 for the settlement of estates. Doug was very knowledgeable, thorough, and sympathetic to me when I had doubts about being executor to my brother’s estate. I highly recommend Doug Warnock for your legal needs."